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Is Dofus raw or do you have it with subs?


The whole series has been subbed, but a good bit, if not all, of the links were taken down, and replacements have yet to be found, so there’s a good chance you won’t be able to watch with subs anyway, I’m afraid

Still, I’m checking around to see, and if I do find any, they’ll be updated!

I uploaded a Dofus torrent on nyaa http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=521732&showfiles=1

I also timed random episodes in the second half of the series. Just note that not every episode a 720p upscale I just had it say that because it was easier for me then to find out what each res each was because there was a whole bunch.


bore your friends to death by crying over how much you love dofus/wakfu

Man, I am a writer, so I know a decent story when I see one. A decent story, to me has no plot holes, or explains them straight away, explains them when possible, or makes them a big problem to be resolved in a big moment of Deus Ex Machina.

That’s all fine and dandy sir/lady, but GAOGAIGAR is an a ROBOT SHOW FROM JAPAN SOMEWHAT ONLY MADE TO SELL TOYS and Pirates of the Carribean is an AMERICAN LIVE ACTION PIRATE MOVIE FRANCHISE. Do you show how none of those descriptors lined up with each other? That’s what I’m talking about. You can totally think that PoTC is worse then GaoGaiGar, but there is really no point in comparing them because they have NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER. You’re comparing apples to oranges on the scale of comparing apples to BIOSHOCK. It’s not anything that makes any sense and also that’s not a comparison that anyone cares about because the two things in question are WAY TOO DIFFERENT.

Who’s subs are those? Because the ones I watched didn’t say that.

It’s Commie’s and yeah they are known infamously for adding curses that probably weren’t there originally for DRAMATIC effect. I don’t mind it generally and I think in this instance I actually quite liked it.

Captain Earth is a good show.

Captain Earth is a good show.

Sonoshee Mcclaren, the GALACTIC PRETTYBOY and ARARARAGI and Gahara-san from Otakon 2014

Just message me if one of these people is you and I’ll add you in!

Hunter X Hunter cosplays from OTAKON!

Just message me if you are these people in these photos and i’ll add you!

Birthday/Otakon haul! Thanks Suri for the SDCC Blackbolt.

Birthday/Otakon haul! Thanks Suri for the SDCC Blackbolt.






v-video gamesss….

hoyl shit man i’m on the verge

fuck it, crying bitch tears.

this isn’t fair…

Out of his entire body of work I’m almost embarassed to admit the most heartwrenching thing he’s ever been a part of that never fails to make me misty eyed was a video game commercial.

This was honest to god the first thing I thought of to watch when I heard he died. what a great commercial with some actual feelings in it